Marisa Mell

director: Basil Dearden
Masquerade is a 1965 British comedy thriller film directed by Basil Dearden based on the 1954 novel ...
director: Lucio Fulci
Una sull'altra is a 1969 Italian giallo film directed by Lucio Fulci. Written by Fulci and Roberto G...
director: Mario Bava
Danger: Diabolik (Italian: Diabolik) is a 1968 action film directed by Mario Bava based on the Itali...
director: Sergio Grieco
La belva col mitra (internationally released as Beast with a Gun, Ferocious, Mad Dog Killer, The Hum...
director: Marino Girolami
La liceale al mare con l'amica di papà (The high school girl at the beach with dad's friend) is a 19...
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